Built specifically for the independent retail market, RSSG solutions deliver the kind of data analytics previously available only to national retailers. Our technology-based solutions churn through the massive amounts of data your store generates every day, filtering out the noise to deliver critical information to store owners, managers, price coordinators, and other key staffers.
RSSG solutions are “self-driving”, meaning they run autonomously and unobtrusively in the background to deliver highly-focused, actionable intelligence on the most complex aspects of store operations, including TPR processing, price management, and loss prevention. Our solutions integrate seamlessly with existing POS and back-office systems. They are easy to implement, run automatically, and deliver proven results.


Finally, an efficient way to process TPRs — from receipt of the TPR file, to updating shelf labels, to tracking sales at the register. Our software automatically matches TPRs to your inventory, calculates new prices, passes information to your label system, verifies prices at the register, and tracks sales of TPR and related products so you can see their full impact on profitability.


Managing prices just got easier. Our software collects and analyzes warehouse prices, deals, store prices and product sales to provide you with daily notification of price, cost and margin changes. We do the detailed analysis so you have the information you need to adjust store prices for maximum profitability. You'll receive daily pricing alerts — delivered straight to your inbox.


Operating quietly under the hood, our software analyzes every transaction made in the store to identify suspicious and potentially fraudulent activity. You’ll be able to determine, at a glance, where to direct efforts and resources to improve store operations, correct unwanted behaviors, and reduce loss and theft.


RSSG prides itself on building self-driving software for the independent retail market. But it's not just our software that is self-driving. You’ll find that RSSG's service after the sale is not only comprehensive, but virtually "hands free" as well. There is minimal impact on you, your staff, and store operations to get the solution up and running.

RSSG installs the software and configures it for you based on your objectives and environment. We also meet with you on a regular basis to review the results you are achieving from your investment in our technology-based solutions. Based on those meetings, we fine-tune the software as needed to ensure that you are maximizing the benefits of the software and achieving your desired objectives in terms of operational efficiency, increased profits, and reduced costs.