PriceW!se is a unique intelligence and automation solution that identifies critical cost and price issues that impact store profitability.

 PriceW!se analyzes warehouse prices, store prices, and historical sales to detect daily changes that adversely affect store profitability.  Smart enough to understand that all price/cost changes are not equal, this innovative solution knows that a margin decrease on a slow-moving item is not as critical as a decrease on a top-50 item. That’s why PriceW!se filters out the “noise” and only alerts you to cost and price changes that materially impact your store’s bottom line.

PriceW!se also identifies slow-moving items, giving you an opportunity to adjust stock levels or re-allocate shelf space. And, it alerts price coordinators about UPCs that are missing in the store’s POS, helping to reduce price checks at the register and enhance customer satisfaction.

With razor-thin margins and increased competition, it’s critical for retailers to quickly identify and react to any price or cost changes that impact store margins and competitiveness.

Jon T. McCormick, CEO, Retail Grocers Association of Kansas City


  • Item File Health dashboard of key statistics and item activity
  • Projected financial impact of weekly price changes
  • Calendar view of daily price and cost changes
  • Daily alerts and analysis of price and margin changes
  • UPC drill-downs showing TPR dates, cost data, and performance ranking
  • Identification of zero- and slow-movement items
  • Alerts for “not-in-file” item scans
  • Automated item file cleanup


  • Enhanced pricing accuracy and consistency
  • Improved margins and profitability
  • More accurate item files
  • Reduced labor and expenses related to price maintenance
  • Streamlined operational practices
  • Enhanced competitiveness