Evaluating data generated by the store every day, LossW!se filters out the noise and pinpoints suspicious transactions and activities. Its robust analytics engine gives you unprecedented insight into areas of your operations that are adversely affecting your bottom line.

LossW!se starts working for you immediately, delivering targeted intelligence on suspicious or unusual activity so you can take corrective action. And the value increases over time as risks are categorized to create a big-picture view of trends and patterns in your store.

With the noise filtered out, you’ll be able to determine, at a glance, where to direct efforts and resources to improve store operations, correct unwanted behaviors, and reduce loss and theft.

The significance of LossW!se is that it enables retailers to swiftly and permanently put an end to the cycle of transactional shrink with its process of identification, investigation, and resolution.

Keith Aubele, CEO & Founder, Retail Loss Prevention Group


  • Critical events flagged for immediate attention
  • Automatic text or email alerts for suspicious activity
  • Dashboard view of transaction risks and process problems
  • Tracking and cataloging of events and suspicious transactions
  • Custom reporting capabilities
  • Integration of video to facilitate quick investigation
  • Summary and detailed views of cashier performance
  • Comparison to peer stores using localized demographic and crime data


  • Easy access to loss prevention tools via a single web-based application
  • Enhanced ability to monitor store activity, from anywhere at any time
  • Greater visibility into store operations
  • More quickly identify training needs
  • More timely notification of high-risk transactions
  • Improved ability to quickly identify front-end issues