TPRs are typically delivered in a format that makes it difficult for store owners to alter the data or import it into the store’s POS. As a result, processing TPRs each week has been a time-intensive, error-prone effort.

Meet DealW!se – a technology-based solution that simplifies and streamlines weekly TPR processing. It increases store profits, saves time and labor, and eliminates wasted shelf labels.

Operating autonomously in the background, DealW!se collects the store item file, TPR allowances, and suggested TPR prices. It filters and analyzes the data based on store-specific parameters such as deal pass-through percentage, department rules, price rounding, and minimum discount pass-through. DealW!se then  generates an optimized TPR batch file that can be easily imported into your store’s POS and label-printing system.

By automating the entire process based on store-specific parameters, DealW!se gives you complete control over TPRs. You can choose to let DealW!se process TPRs automatically based on your pre-defined parameters. Or, you can choose intercede, overriding the parameters for specific products based on local competition.

I would highly recommend DealW!se. It has been so good for us and has made things so much easier for everybody involved in the entire TPR process.

Paul Barnes, Owner, Heartland Foods


  • Controlled pricing and deal pass-through
  • Pricing override and item exclusion capability
  • Historical TPR reporting and analysis
  • Elimination of wasted shelf labels
  • Alert notifications (text or email) for POS and TPR pricing differences
  • Single- or multi-store environment compatibility
  • Identification of exceptions in TPR files


  • Significant time, cost, and labor savings
  • Fully automated processing
  • Elimination of error-prone manual tasks
  • Improved margins
  • Reduced time and expense associated with processing wasted shelf labels
  • Evaluation of TPR performance by batch, individual TPR, and related UPCs
  • Enhanced auditing capabilities